Terms and Conditions

Intended Uses :

Job Posting : The PINOYSEAMAN.COM can be used by it’s Business Clients (Employers) to post maritime related job openings. The site can also be used by it’s Business Clients to create a list of jobseekers applying for the job position posted.

Job Seeking : The PINOYSEAMAN.COM can be used by the jobseekers (Seaman) as a resource for career related information. PINOYSEAMAN.COM is FREE to all jobseekers (Seaman) and no money will be collected upon registration on this website.

Online Ads : The site can be used by marketers who want to advertise thru the Pinoyseam.com.

Prohibited Uses :
Employers are prohibited for posting non maritime related job positions on this site. Any information falsely posted by the employer or by the jobseeker or the marketer is also prohibited.
All unlawful, derogatory, profane, racial, obscene information and any other information detrimental to any user is not allowed.

Privacy Policy :
PINOYSEAMAN.COM upholds the confidentiality of the personal information provided by the jobseekers (Seaman) and will not release any personal information to any third party company or marketer without the prior consent of the jobseeker.

Collection of Data
PINOYSEAMAN.COM will only collect personal information of the jobseeker’s job related credentials and other information (such as ip address, session cookies) in order to keep track of the user’s online transaction.

Transfer of Data
The personal data of the jobseeker may only be sent and disclosed to business employer clients of PINOYSEAMAN.COM and with only thru the jobseekers consent.

Jobseeker’s Access Rights
The jobseeker can create, access, edit or terminate his PINOYSEAMAN.COM account. PINOYSEAMAN.COM reserves the right to temporarily or permanently deactivate his account if he fails to comply with the Terms and Agreements.

Transaction History :
PINOYSEAMAN.COM may retain the personal data and transaction history of the jobseeker for archiving and auditing purposes even if the jobseeker has deactivated his account already subject to applicable laws. The deactivated account will no longer be used for any other purpose other than history tracking or auditing.

Information Responsibility :
While PINOYSEAMAN.COM monitors and moderates the information in this site, the company takes no responsibility to any information provided by the employer, the jobseeker or the marketer. The responsibility solely rests on the entity that provided the information.
The information provided on this site has no warranties whatsoever and is provided “as is”.

Link to other sites :
PINOYSEAMAN.COM clearly labels all external link from it’s site. This site does not endorse any third party company or entity linked externally to it’s web site nor does it make any representation or agrees on the contents of the external links. Users may view the external link at their own risk.

PINOYSEAMAN.COM reserves the right to omit, deny or delete any data or requests from its users that will not comply to the company’s Terms and Conditions.

Copyrights and Trademark :
The contents of this site including images, graphics, editorials and other materials in full or in part must not be used without the written consent from PINOYSEAMAN.COM

Laws and Jurisdiction :
All problem or issues arising on the use of PINOYSEAMAN.COM shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

PINOYSEAMAN.COM exerts all efforts to check. Monitor and moderate all information provided in this site, however the company, its officers, directors, employees or agents shall not be liable for any losses or damages suffered whatsoever arising or resulting from the use or inability to use the company's web sites and its contents by its users.